Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Extensions
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Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions are highly desired in today’s trillion dollar hair market. Virgin hair is the “goddess”, we should say, in the hair industry. With no added chemicals to the hair, this “virgin” hair is the best and most desired in the market. 

Virgin hair extensions come from a single donor, who donates their hair as a sacrificial gift. Their hair is then rigorously cleaned and prepared to be sold on the hair market. Because the hair donor has not chemically altered their hair, the virgin hair is then processed into hair wefts, where the hair is individually hand-tied onto a weft and is transformed into Virgin hair extensions.

Virgin hair extension at Luxor Hair Collection come directly from the source. One of the rare virgin hair extension boutiques which provides hair directly from the country of origin. Virgin hair extensions are quite costly, ranging from the hundreds to thousands of dollars. Virgin hair is the only hair that can last for up to several years, allowing it’s buyer to re-use the hair over and over again.

Caring for Virgin hair extension is an important part in the process of the longevity of the locks. Upon receiving the Virgin hair extension, it is important to co-wash the hair extensions before installation.Co-washing is a process of gentling washing the hair with a sulphate-free conditioner to bring your Virgin hair to life and revive it to it’s lustrous state.

Sealing the knots of your Virgin hair extensions is also important prior to installation. Sealing the knots prevents shedding and keeps the hair intact to the hair weft. Failing to seal your knots or co-washing your Virgin hair extension prior to installation will not guarantee the longevity of your Virgin hair extensions.

Dyeing your Virgin hair extension is also something that can be done after co-washing and sealing your knots. Co-wash your hair prior to chemically altering your Virgin hair extensions. Advise proper care under the supervision of a professional stylist before dyeing or chemically processing your Virgin HairExtensions.

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